Dividend Growth Stock List

This is our list of dividend growth stocks. Dividend growth stocks are equities that have increased their dividends on a regular basis for a number of years. You may click any table heading below to sort the stocks as you need. The years column indicates the number of years of consecutive dividend growth.

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ARTNAArtesian ResourcesUtility-Water1319.340.572.90
AWRAmerican States WaterUtility-Water5633.651.043.08
CTWSConn. Water ServiceUtility-Water4124.760.923.69
CWCOConsolidated Water Co.Utility-Water1310.630.302.78
CWTCalifornia Water ServiceUtility-Water4435.701.504.26
MSEXMiddlesex Water Co.Utility-Water3817.750.724.03
SJWSJW Corp.Utility-Water4424.290.853.47
WTRAqua America Inc.Utility-Water1923.440.592.52
YORWYork Water CompanyUtility-Water1416.730.523.03

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IMPORTANT: The above table is fairly accurate, but data anomalies may exist, we provide no warranty as to the accuracy of the data. Please confirm prices and yields with your broker before making a trade. A listing in the above table is not a recommendation to purchase any stock. Before making an investment decision you should seek the help of your own financial advisor.