Welcome to Dividend-Calculator.com we have accurate calculators to help you plot your earnings by holding dividend or interest bearing securities. Our calculators require you to know the yield (or interest rate) of your investment. Most stock quoting websites will list the yield on the stock information page, but if you do not know it, you can use our calculator to calculate a stock's dividend yield. Otherwise use the below calculators to dig deeper into your potential earnings. We also provide a Dividend Growth Stock List to help you locate stocks that may be right for your portfolio.

Yield on Cost

Yield on Cost is a concept whereby you calculate your existing yield vs the share price you paid when you purchased the investment (your cost basis) not the current share price. For people who buy dividend growth stocks (stocks that routinely increase their dividend) the yield on cost metric is a way to measure the annual income or return on your original investment if you hold it for years. If the dividend grows while at the same time you reinvest your dividend you achieve even more compounding of your return.

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Dividend Reinvestment

The miracle of compounding interest is where you gain interest in an investment, be it a savings account or stock holding, and then reinvest it to gain even more interest the next time around. Dividend Reinvestment is one way to achieve this. The more frequent dividends are issued and reinvested, the higher your rate of return. So we have provided calculators to match the three most common dividend schedules. One that compounds annually, one that compounds quarterly, and one that compounds monthly.